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Summer Camp



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SKITEN summer camp 2024

Enrollment starts on the 15th of November for the member of the SKITEN family.
1st time with us? On the 15th of December, you can join!

The language experience

Kids from everywhere in the world come the summer camp skiten to experience an international world

Our program :    2 hours of tennis or cooking or permaculture or photography + 2 hours of language course+ 2 hours of sport or art

Language : French - Spanish - English - Italian

What makes us special ?

The camp is in our beautiful home, the castle of Emines in Belgium.

Skiten is like a family: most of the kids are coming back every summer 

The team of monitors  are coming from all over the world and most of them came at skiten as a kids. When they were 16 years old they decided to enroll for our training to become a staff member.

We have one animator for 4 children ! 

More than 43 years of experience in kids happiness


 International environment

We give the confidence to the children to dare speaking in a new language.

The monitors speaks French - Spanish - German - English - Dutch.

The two official language are FRENCH ans ENGLISH. During the day, all the information are given in both languages. The kids continue learning outside of the language class.

The children are  learning during the games and all day long they are communicating with kids from different countries.

The juniors 

From 7 to 10 years

Always in fun activities, no free time

A small group +- 15 kids

7 monitors to take care of them

For some of them, it's the first time away from home, we're making it a magical experience

Night games always with staging : indian night, treasure hunt, casino night...

The teenagers 

From 11-15 years

More free time between the activities 

+- 50 teens

The night game are made for teens to have real fun

Your child will make friends with teens all around the globe !

Join the SKITEN adventure

Bilingual immersion 

All the instructions are given in French and English

Kids learn through the day without even realizing it ! 

20 staff member for +- 65 kids ! 

Most of our "MONO" were kids at Skiten. When they turn 16 they can follow the training during two summers to become a skiten monitor. This guaranty our unique SKITEN energy from generation to the next 

Skiten is organised in our beautiful home "Le château d'Emines"

More than 15 nationalities per week

Every child finds his/her place in the Skiten family

Healthy and delicious food. Fresh veggies and fruits every day. As much a s possible organic, local or fair trade  products. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and lactose free option.

Sports : Football, volley, hockey, basket, base ball, paddle on our lake, golf, dodgeball, rugby, archery , badminton, kickball, waterpolo, fishing...

Workshop : art, music, yukulele, photography, DYI, brasilian bracelets...

3 tennis courts, a brand new heated pool, a basketball court, a football court and our private pond (that is secured)

We offer meditation workshop. Snow is a trained meditation teacher.

Dormitories (4-10 kids)

Airport transfer from Brussels

Meet our family

Martine Goffinet

Martine founded Skiten in 1975. 

"I feel very proud and grateful that my two daughters are taking over"

Marie des Neiges Ruzette


She spent the last 10 summers as "aide-mono", animator then coordinator. From now on, she's taking over the management and the organisation of Skiten. She graduated in Marketing and in Business/management.

She live in Ubud in Indonesia 4 months a year. She was trained there to become a meditation teacher.





After years in animation, she's taking over the coordination of the camp. She graduated in photography and communication. She is currently studying acting at Cours Florent in Brussels. 


"With experience of more then 25 years of Ski-Ten summers ( that is when I cumulate the number of years my 3 kids went there), I can confirm that for all of them, these holidays have been memorable! From the first encounters, shy ones,  when they were 6 years old, to growing and aspiring to become an aid-mono, being one of them,  and eventually, when 18-19years old becoming Monitor   - all experiences have shaped my kids in many areas: being part of a team, learning to follow and organise daily routines and activities, respect for rules, for differences and diversity, coaching other, being coached….and i can continue the list with many others- but recommend that you and your child discover this yourself!"

Elena from Vienna


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ADDRESS: Château d'Emines rue de Rhisnes 45, 5080 Emines, Belgique

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