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At the moment, it's impossible to know what will be the situation for next summer. Therefore, if we must limit the amount of participants, the criteria will be the date when the deposit was made.

The juniors will be able to come. 

"THE Bubble"


Because of the "bubble"the kids don't have to wear a mask



The building will be cleaned and disinfected every day 

We'll remind the kids to wash their hand very often

Disinfectant gel will be available in many areas


Each child has to be tested before arriving to SKITEN.

Each family will have to fill a second form about Covid19

2 days before the camp

You will have to certify that your child wasn't in contact with someone that was tested positive with Covid19

We have to be very strict about this, in order to make Skiten as safe as possible

We'll take the temperature on arrival

3km away from the camp, there is a medical center open 24/7

We created a quarantine infirmary if a child is having symptoms where he.she'll wait for his.her parents.

As we'll respect the limitation and the mesure, we can't be held legally accountable if a child contract the covid19

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